New Pupper? No Problem.

Well yes, puppies can be quite cute. Most of them act like babies, wanting to be with you all the time and crying when you’re not there. And yet, apart from being cute, they can also be quite annoying, especially if they grow up just as annoying without any opportunity to change and mature.

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Quick Tips For Training Puppers

First tip: keep your puppy on a regular feeding schedule. This is something that’s kind of difficult to do when it comes to your puppy, especially if it’s the crying, whining type. But then again, the puppy needs to learn that things come with a strict schedule, and that actually includes eating. Once your puppy isn’t eating the food anymore, take the food away from it, in a place that’s out of reach.

Second tip: remember to take your puppy out to eliminate waste every morning. Remember to bring it to the exact same spot (as much as possible), so that it learns to leave its mark, as well as remember just where to poop. Once your puppy masters this, you won’t have any problems in making it remember to do the elimination process outside. Also, after it eliminates outside, remember to give it a reward. (A neighborhood walk would be a great treat.)

When you plan to travel with your dog, just remember to take him outside every morning so he can do his thing. When you think about wat te doen in amsterdam in de herfstvakantie, you should also take time to plan on how to manage your dog during the trip. 

There are moments you would feel excited about using that pet carrier. You might wonder if Groupon has this Groupon kortingscode producten for discounts on travelling goods that you might need, especially concerning your little pet. He could feel stressed while on the road.

Third tip: You can also use a crate where you can keep your puppy, while it’s still being house trained. When you do get a crate for your puppy, make sure that the crate’s big enough for your puppy to move around in, and that it’s not too cramped. Also, make sure that while your puppy is in the crate, it has a constant supply of water. Hydration is very important for dogs, and this is especially true for growing ones.