Here are a few questions which you might have on dog training. Hope the answers can help you.

1) What are the two popular methods for training dogs?

The two popular methods for dog training are the Positive reinforcement method and the Alpha Dog training method. The first one operates based mainly on rewards, while the second one focuses on punishments.

2) What do you do under Positive reinforcement?

Under this method, you can very simply ignore your dog when it is being naughty or when it has done something wrong. You don’t pay attention to it, you don’t give it any treats, you don’t pet it. By ignoring your dog, you’re basically giving it the message that its behavior doesn’t merit any special attention. If it’s doing something good, you give it a reward.

3) What do you do under Alpha Dog Training?

Under this method, real punishments are being employed just to instill a sense of discipline and control on your dog. You can use these punishment methods for the times when your dog refuses to do what it is supposed to to, or when your dog does something that it’s not supposed to.

4) What can you do to start housetraining your puppy?

Believe it or not, puppies are already trainable. There are three things you can try out with your pupper so you can train it early. First, make it go on a regular eating schedule and be strict in implementing it. Second, go out with it early in the morning so it can poop. Third, you can try to keep it in a crate for an hour or so.

5) How do you know if an Obedience school is good enough for your dog?

Well, the first thing you have to look out for is credentials. Ask yourself these questions: Do they have a lot of students or do you seem to be the only one keen on enrolling? You should be able to read important signs when it comes to the trustworthiness of the institution itself.

6) If your dog barks, what are the common reasons why?

Top three common reasons for a dog barking are the following: first, it feels fear or threat. Second, it probably seeks your attention. Third, it is probably suffering from separation anxiety, upon being left alone.